About us

natural soap

The soaps that I present on this website, although very distinct in the way they are produced compared to in the past, are for me a way of understanding life. In addition to many innovations, all the recipes have been revised, readjusted and improved in every way to make the soaps softer and more natural. From the most pure water and the most precious vegetable oils, the most beneficial essential oils for the skin and a rich variety of aromatic plants with their invaluable cosmetic properties, as always collected and dried with great care by my mother, the star that illuminates my work. This venture is a dream come true whose name MAMA PEPA is in her honor. In addition, the corporate image of the company incorporates an old photo of my grandmother Teresa. For me it represents a way of preserving a tradition and my roots that continue to be attached to memories of a happy childhood, the love I feel for my family and the country where I grew up, with it’s olive groves, almonds and cereal crops. Where the springtime carried the scent of thyme, rosemary and sage and the countryside was painted red with poppies.. THE PLEASURE OF FEELING NATURE CARESSING YOUR SKIN.

Pepsi Calderó - Manager Mama Pepa