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Handmade soaps

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Natural soaps

Soaps and shampoos without additives or preservatives

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Uga, Lanzarote

Learning workshops.

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Handmade Soaps from Lanzarote

To Mama Pepa Jabonería artesanal inspires us the island where we live fire, water, earth and wind all present in the process of elaboration. From the earth the botanical extracts, which together with the water from hydrolats and infusions and the oils that have flowed from the heart of the fruits or seeds are part of the ingredients. The fire present in the heat that is produced naturally when the soap is formed. And finally the wind… so present in Lanzarote, is the time that the natural soaps require to rest and cure so that they lose humidity and get hardness, all this in a completely handmade process taking care of all the details so that the final product is of the highest quality. Soaps without harmful chemicals that care for the skin and are respectful of the environment.

Facial soaps

Green Clay Soap

Green clay

Purifying, anti-acne
Oatmeal and milk soap

Oatmeal and milk

Nutritious, rich in selenium.
Argan and Melissa soap

Argan and Melissa

Moisturizing, aging skin.
Musk Rose soap

Musk Rose

Wrinkles and skin dehydration.


Black volcanic sand soap

Black volcanic sand

Exfoliant and balsamic.
Aloe vera and Rosemary soap

Aloe vera and Rosemary

Antioxidant, sensitive skin.
Cinnamon soap


Stimulating, aphrodisiac.
Sea water soap

Sea water

Healing and softening.



Customize your soaps

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