The Artisan Process of Soap Making

hand made

At home we always prepared natural soap. I had the good fortune to observe my grandmothers and then my mother make it year after year. My grandfather worked in a an olive oil factory. Following the pressing of the olives a low quality oil was left over in the residual paste. This combined together with domestic and animal oils was used to make the soap. We didn’t waste anything and in the majority of the towns which lay on the mediterranean sea, most olive oil producers did the same. Very little of this tradition remains. Many people remember their grandmothers making “lagarto” (named after a comercial brand which was similar in appearance) soap. When we close our eyes, many of us still remember that toasted brown coloured soap with its intense aroma that filled the whole house.

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The soaps are elaborated with a base of olive and coconut oils with a combination of 100% natural vegetable oils obtained from the first pressing; such as Argan, Jojoba, Almond, Rosehip and shea or cocoa butter. The use of beneficial essential oils for the skin and a variety of aromatic plants, clays, sands, muds and spices with rich cosmetic properties.


(Olea europaea)

Origin: Spain
Penetrates the skin better than most vegetable oils.
The resulting soap is soft and highly moisturizing.


Argan from Marrocco

(Argania spinosa)

Origin: Marrocco
It is one of the best products for health and beauty regenerating and moisturizing the skin – the best
anti-wrinkle oil which due to it’s special qualities fights the visible signs of ageing.

Shea butter

(Vitellaria paradoxa)
Origin: Senegal
Shea butter covers the skin with a fine invisible layer that protects it from dehydration and external factors such as the sun, wind or sudden changes in temperature. It is very effective in the regeneration of the skin and hair. It calms irritated skins and is the most effective natural antiageing product that exists

Rosehip oil

(Rosa rubiginosa)

Origin: Argentina
The principle property of this oil is it’s ability to regenerate damaged skin tissue. For this reason it is excellent in the treatment of ageing caused by exposure to high levels of UV or for treating scars, psoriasis, acne or stretch marks.

Aloe vera

(Aloe vera barbadensis)

Origin: Home grown
It is an important cell regenerator, heals wounds and deep skin tonic. It also benefits from antiwrinkle properties which slow down the signs of ageing.

Calendula Oil

(Calendula officinalis)

This oil stimulates the production of vitamin A thanks to which it is possible to have a glowing complexion and a slowing down of skin ageing and the wrinkles provoked by exposure to the sun.

Volcanic sand

Origin: Lanzarote
The washed and filtered black sands from the south of the island add fantastic exfoliating properties to the soap.


Marine Salt from Janubio

Origin: Lanzarote
The sea salt that I use comes from the “Salinas del Janubio” (Salt flats of the Janubio near Playa Blanca) where it is extracted in an artisan manner from the Atlantic Ocean for later drying in the sun. It has a revitalizing effect which provides large amounts of iodine and minerals.

Sea water

Origin: Lanzarote
High concentrations of mineral salts beneficial in obtaining healthy skin and delaying the effects of ageing. It’s mineral content maintains the skin nourished and more elastic.