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Our artisan soaps are produced using a cold saponification process. The ingredients are combined in a precise fashion in order to achieve long lasting soaps that hydrate, nutrify and produce a generous lather. This is the technical part. It’s the creative part which makes each batch unique and special.


Highly moisturizing handmade soaps which nutrify and clean the skin leaving it soft and silky.
Individual format.
Large bar.
Possibility to personalize.

Facial soaps

Green clay facial soap

Green clay

Purifying, anti-acne.
Milk and Oats facial soap

Milk and Oats

Nourishing, rich in selenium.
Calendula and Turmeric facial soap

Calendula and Turmeric

Regenerator, Siccative.
Rose hip facial soap

Rose hip

Wrinkles, cutaneous dehydration.
Argan and Melisa facial soap

Argan and Melisa

Moisturizing, ageing skin.

Body soaps

Black volcanic sand soap

Black volcanic sand

Exfoliating and balsamic.

Cinnamon soap


Stimulant, aphrodisiac.

Strawberry soap


Moisturizing with a great fragrance.

Mint and Argan soap

Mint and Argan

Fresh and stimulating.

Lavander soap


Relaxing fragrance.

Ocean water soap

Ocean water

Healing and softening.

Aloe vera and rosemary soap

Aloe vera and rosemary

Antioxidant, sensitive skin.

Sandalwood and Patchouli soap

Sandalwood and Patchouli

Exotic and sensual.

Orange and Sea Salt soap

Orange and Sea Salt

Exfoliant and energizing.

Goats Milk soap

Goats Milk

Moisturizing, dry skin.

Marine Algae soap

Marine Algae

Nourishing, reduces “orange skin” condition.

Prickly pear scented soap

Prickly pear

Dry skin, sun exposure.



Mixed bag

Soap mixed bags